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Penguin Diner 2

Penguin Diner 2 game

If you love the challenge of time management games and the smell of the fresh, Antarctic air, then Penguin Diner will allow you to furiously click to serve food to Penguins. In Antarctica.

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Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner 2 game

All you need for this addictive game of cafe-based time management is a mouse and a quick clicking finger to serve as many customers as you can and earn yourself some Antarctic bird-currency (which looks suspiciously like human currency).

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Learn to Fly 3

There is a surprising quantity of games out there based on the flightless, largely Antarctic-dwelling birds, with titles like Penguin Diner proving to be extremely popular representations of the creature, and even the tower defense genre has some penguin-themed offerings in the form of Penguins Attack Tower Defense 2. In terms of genres, however, there are none so addictive as the humble launch game, and for this particular genre preference, the Learn to Fly series is all about the entertainment. Being responsible for bringing the world some humorous, light-hearted, and gameplay so addictive that it makes fiends out of even the most ‘over it before it is even a thing’’ hipster gamers. Such is the brilliance and longevity of the Learn to Fly series that many fans are wondering if there is going to be a sequel to the series. The answer is almost definitely a resounding yes, but this is as far as a reply can go since no other information is known about the future of the series. Can a little speculation do any harm though? Not as far as I’m concerned, so here’s some ideas of how Learn to Fly 3 could be the best game yet.

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