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There is a surprising quantity of games out there based on the flightless, largely Antarctic-dwelling birds, with titles like Penguin Diner proving to be extremely popular representations of the creature, and even the tower defense genre has some penguin-themed offerings in the form of Penguins Attack Tower Defense 2. In terms of genres, however, there are none so addictive as the humble launch game, and for this particular genre preference, the Learn to Fly series is all about the entertainment. Being responsible for bringing the world some humorous, light-hearted, and gameplay so addictive that it makes fiends out of even the most ‘over it before it is even a thing’’ hipster gamers. Such is the brilliance and longevity of the Learn to Fly series that many fans are wondering if there is going to be a sequel to the series. The answer is almost definitely a resounding yes, but this is as far as a reply can go since no other information is known about the future of the series. Can a little speculation do any harm though? Not as far as I’m concerned, so here’s some ideas of how Learn to Fly 3 could be the best game yet.Continue Reading

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Learn to Fly 3 – Ideas for improvements and future inclusions for a sequel to the much-loved launch game

Up the Ante (aka the upgrades)

A game with upgrades is always going to start with including more of these upgrades in the sequel, it’s just an unspoken rule that developers must and have always followed in sequels; if this rule is not adhered to, then the sequel is usually (or exclusively if you’re me) shunned and not played/thought about ever again. The ability to tamper with your sleigh, your boosts, your payload, and your ramp in Learn to Fly 2 was all well and good, but on this foundation should be built a multitude of further upgrades. Perhaps customisation of the shape and the angles of your ramp could be employed to allow you to direct your penguin towards particular goals instead of just relying on a rigid ramp formation that only increases in height and such.

Looking Good, but There’s Room for Improvement

While the design and general aesthetic of Learn 2 Fly is by no means unrefined or basic, it isn’t a look that is as instantly distinctive as some absolutely unmistakably stylish games such as Kingdom Rush. While the menus and the illustrations in general do possess a little character in the form of the pinboard-style menu design and such details as the clouds having faces, there comes time for a change that is more than simply a polishing of the edges. I’m getting a little bored of the delightfully light-hearted nature of the animation and design, so it could be time for a change in the design in order to keep things fresh. The menus could even be described as a little cluttered in Learn to Fly 2, so Learn to Fly 3 could very well be the opportunity to iron out creases such as these.

Customise and Characterise

Tired of playing as the same penguin or penguin-shaped representation of an actual penguin? If your answer is no then you are either scared of change or are blinded by your love of the game. Either way, you can’t ignore the trend for games of today to allow the player a hand in the appearance and the development of features/characters in the game. At very least, Learn to Fly 3 should have different penguins/characters with different properties such as some being lighter and others being a little heavier but sturdier. Having properties that affect their flight will add a new strategic dimension to the game. How about being able to dress up the characters and make them look utterly ridiculous, since that is really what gaming is all about these days.